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  • Tips for New Tamers: Rarity

    One of the first things you come across when catching wild pets is the different rarities. Following the same rarity scale as items, you start off with poor quality pets and shift up through the […]

  • Undocumented Changes to Prestige Pets

    After the release of Patch 7.3, a change to Prestige Pets has come to light. Thanks to Eggs (EU) and Gráinne of Warcraft Pets, word has started getting out about the ability to purchase the […]

  • Caturday – Halloween

    It’s that time of year again, when Linus spends yet another cold night out in the pumpkin patch, kids canvas the neighbourhood for free candy, and black cats get their moment in the moonlight. Yes, […]

  • Throwback Thursday – Linken’s Adventure

    For this Throwback Thursday, I was inspired to write about Linken, the amnesiac gnome from Un’Goro Crater before Cataclysm rendered him unnecessary. However, as a challenge, I opted to present his story in song. Due […]

  • Fashion Friday #19 – Leather

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog is a tan, red, and gold set for Havoc and Vengeance Demon Hunters, Guardian Druids, and Outlaw Rogues of both factions. If you have a piece of armor you would […]

  • Fashion Friday #2 – Mail

    Editor’s Note: Welcome to our second installment of Fashion Friday! To start things off we’re going to be featuring one set per week for four weeks. Afterwards we’ll be featuring one set per month. This week’s Fashion […]

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