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  • Changes to Tips for New Tamers

    With the publishing of the previous issue of Tips for New Tamers, the segment has reached a point where a lot of the essential basics have already been covered. In order to best help our […]

  • Fashion Friday #29 – Safari Sets (All Armor Types)

    Fashion Friday We know that many of you are pet collectors, so your Safari Hat gets a lot of use, so we are bringing you a special Safari Hat-themed Fashion Friday! This Fashion Friday features four class- […]

  • Cat Days

    Hello everyone! Monday, February 22, was ‘Cat Day’ in Japan. In doing some Googling, it seems that there’s also a few other ‘Cat Day’s coming up later this year: International Cat Day (aka World Cat […]

  • Postcards from Azeroth – To Argus: Auberdine

    Auberdine Auberdine (not to be confused with a large purple vegetable with a similar name) was once the primary settlement in the grim, mist-shrouded area known as Darkshore. It was populated mostly by night elves, […]

  • The Great Masquerade

    The Great Masquerade This article is about the pre-WotLK quest chain to expose Katrana Prestor. For the quest that grants you the ability to mingle in disguise with the Highborne in Suramar City until you […]

  • Repping with Leashes – Ramkahen

    Ramkahen The Ramkahen are a tribe of centauroid cat people called tol’vir inhabiting northern Uldum. There are several tribes; one, the Neferset, allied with Deathwing when he returned to the world to wreak havoc, and […]

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